Schiff – Trump Mentally Unstable, Elect Dems To Congress To Control Him

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) had an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper in which he discussed fellow Democrats’ recent calls for impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Schiff said that he and his colleagues are increasingly concerned about President Donald Trump’s mental fitness.

“There are some serious issues,” Schiff said, adding that “the pressures of the job may only get worse.”

Tapper asked if there are any others in the White House, besides Bannon, that should leave as well.

Schiff answered that there’s certainly a lot of people that shouldn’t be there, naming Stephen Miller and Sebastian Gorka, who he says,

“Not only, I think, represent the same thing that Steve Bannon did but aren’t capable of doing the job well. So yes, I think there’s more cleaning house that ought to take place, but as I mentioned in that tweet Jake, the more fundamental problem is at the very top.”

The top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee also took the opportunity to trash President Trump for hesitating to condemn the “white nationalists” in Charlottesville’s violence.

President Trump stated that the leftist Soros – Obama agitators bore significant responsibility for what happened, that they were the aggressors in the confrontation.

Tapper then quoted Rep Jackie Speier – one of the Democrats who employed the Awan Pakistani spy family and enabled them to access classified information.

“Potus is showing signs of erratic behavior and instability that place the country in grave danger. Time to invoke the 25th Amendment.”

“Do you agree that President Trump is mentally unstable?” Tapper asked Shiff.

Schiff played psychiatric and said,

“Well, I certainly think that there’s an issue with the president’s capability. There’s some attribute of his character that makes him seemingly incapable of introspection and a broad understanding of what the country really needs. And I think it’s a question that people are asking, you know, what is going on with this president? What could explain this kind of behavior?”

It seems delusional liberals are now classifying those who disagree with them as being mentally ill. It’s 1984 and all Trump supporters, conservatives, America-lovers and patriots have mental problems, according to Schiff and the liberal control-freaks.