WATCH: Singer Sends VIOLENT Message To Trump – BOYCOTT HIM

People who go against President Trump are mostly a bunch of has-beens who want to give their careers one last revival using an attention-grabbing publicity stunt.

The latest former celebrities to join the anti-Trump group are the rock band Guns N’Roses. In a very public and disrespectful move, singer Axl Rose and company bashed a Trump piñata on stage during a concert in Mexico.

In order to stay culturally relevant, many celebrities have sunk to disturbing levels of depravity. They don’t have any sense of decency or morality anymore. We are sure that Axl Rose is capable of doing something far more extreme if it meant he could sell records.

What made the situation even worse is the fact they invited members of the audience on stage to beat the Trump piñata. By doing this, they allowed people of a foreign nation disrespect our President–and our country.

However, they will never admit to doing anything wrong or apologize. For them, this kind of violence is normal. But, it’s really not. It’s just that they have never seen some one like Trump, who is free of obligations to the special interests that have controlled our government for so long.

Guns N’ Roses won’t be saved if they continue doing stuff like this. They should accept that they are washed up. Axl Rose is going to slide further and further into irrelevancy.  I can’t see anyone caring about him now that he has said such things about the President.