Jay Leno Risks Entire Career To Expose TRUTH About President Trump

Ever since Donald Trump became president, liberal reporters have been bashing him every single day. Hollywood celebrities use every opportunity they have to criticize the President and his family. But, Leno is here to shut liberals up and teach them a lesson or two.

Jay Leno is tired of all the liberal nonsense. He thinks that liberals have crossed the red line with their anti-Trump resistance, and let’s be honest, that’s totally true.

During an interview, Leno said that if he was still a late night host, liberals won’t have that many opportunities to mock the President, because he thinks all the Trump bashing should be stopped once and for all. He said:

“I enjoy bringing people together. If [mocking the president] is a constant thing on a nightly basis, eventually you’re all doing the same joke.”

According to the former late night hosts, comedians keep re-using their old jokes. We think the same. Most hosts are just trying to gain more popularity by criticizing the President, but they don’t know that they are hurting an innocent man and his family by doing so.

We know that politicians are comedians’ favorite topic, but this is starting to be a little bit too much. President Trump and his family don’t deserve this treatment. The president only wants to save this country, and help people who live in it. He made some great campaign promises, and we can see him working on it. He is by far the best president America has seen.

h/t RSW