After Sen. Gillibrand’s Lead, Guess Who Is The Loudest Calling for Trump to Resign

As members of Congress are resigning or facing immense pressure due to allegations of sexual assault or harassment, some Democrats have been wondering about President Donald Trump. Since he has many sexual assault/harassment allegations against him, why hasn't he resigned or at least faced a new investigation? Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) was the first

We Caught Him! Democrat Leader Arrested For 113 Counts Of Bribery, Money Laundering, Defrauding The IRS

Another day, another democrat exposed. It seems like there are few liberals who aren’t involved in shady business – but this one might win worst crime yet. Under Obama, liberals (figuratively) got away with murder. Some sexually assaulted staff. Others were indicted for various financial crimes. Many continue to undermine our

CNN Goes Into Full Meltdown After Net Neutrality Vote: ‘It’s the End of the Internet as We Know It’

On Thursday, The Federal Communications Commission voted to repeal net neutrality regulations put in place by the Obama administration. Before the vote passed, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said: “The main problem consumers have with the internet is not and has never been that their internet provider is blocking access to content. It's been that

RED ALERT: Man Tries to Kill Donald Trump

On Monday morning, an ISIS terrorist launched a failed suicide bombing in New York City when his explosives detonated prematurely. Afterwards, it was revealed that the terrorist had threatened President Donald Trump directly in vile Facebook rants, showing just how much danger the president’s life is in every day. Now, it’s