LeBron James will sign with the Los Angeles Lakers in free agency, according to LaVar Ball of Big Baller Brand. Now before ESPN and the Vertical start quaking in their proverbial boots that they got scooped, Ball is not necessarily the most plugged in source in James’ camp so this may not turn out

WatchDeMarcus Cousins on Confederate Statue debate: ‘Take All Them Motherf—ers Down’

All-Star big man DeMarcus Cousins is the latest prominent sports figure to give his take on the ongoing national debate over Confederate statues. In a Friday chat with TMZ Sports, he called for all the statues to come down. “Take all them motherf—ers down,” said Cousins bluntly. “Take ’em all down.” It’s an issue

Meet the New Washington Wizards QB

The Wizards’ John Wall is one of the best passers in the NBA. Last season, he finished with the third-most assists behind James Harden and Russell Westbrook, and he had the second-most assists per game with 10.7 behind James Harden’s 11.2. On Friday at his foundation’s event, Wall showed that he

Chris Sheridan Is Convinced That LeBron Will Move Out From Ohio, Doesn’t Believe The Club Denials

The fuss began with the tweet below, although Woj from ESPN also mentioned that some big team like LAL are clearing the pat for Lebron 3 weeks before this report came on air... Reports comes from the ESPN reporter Chris Sheridan and says that the denials from LeBron's team that he